Sita Murt outfit & Paris /First day

I´m in Paris, Ohlalá.

Paris, and the first thing is to eat a croissant at Laduree. O.k. I need arrive at  Karl Lagarfiel´s studio, so the best thing for this hot morning, short and a sweater that I bought on sale at Sita Murt.
I´m ready to take pictures!

Delfina delettrez   COLLECTION : Necklaces
Sita Murt   COLLECTION  SS 2012 :Fashion show
Hoss Intropía    COLLECTION SS 2012  Shoes and accesories
Louis Vuitton  LOCKIT East-West
Origan Bicycles


Carlota Oki Ni ha dicho que…
jajajaja que bonita, es extraño, pero el jersey es precioso!!! y los dibujitos divinos!

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